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Ha ha buggin
Haha tonight yo! @flannman44 @spencerjouellette

Just found this post about a short film I made for fun in high school. Looking back - a 10 page script turned into a 26 min. film. Learned so much from this - after writing, directing, producing and editing it I know all of it’s flaws, but had so much fun making it and putting out the final product. A two day shoot with a bunch of amazing friends - a final film with a sweet soundtrack and an inside look into Waterbury CT’s historic, creepy Department Store “Howland Hughes” 

If you haven’t watched it —-give it some of your time, skip through it, laugh, jump at some point …hopefully!

According to Jjkc121 “This shit is that crack homie.”

I need to put out some new crack…

Air show at the beach, yea those are several jets flying comfortably close. Crazy! (Taken with Instagram)
A serious problem of mine. 

THIS! Impressive..